Titan Fast Pitch Schedule

12:30pm – Registration

Registration starts at this time. Come early to network with other innovative people!

1:00pm – Introduction

Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship, John Bradley Jackson and the Director for the Center for Economic Education, Radha Bhattacharya introduce the Titan Fast Pitch Competition

1:30pm – Bullpen Round

Competitors get the opportunity to make their 60 second pitches to as many of the Titan Fast Pitch judges as time allows. We expect in excess of 150 competitors and we will have approximately 40 judges present to score pitches during this round. Each time a competitor presents to a judge the judge will score their presentation and at the end of this round all scores will be tabulated and competitors will receive a score that is representative of the average score they received from our judges.

2:30pm – Intermission

Opportunity Drawings!



3:00pm – Lightning Round

The top university and high school competitors compete in the final round to determine who is the best pitcher! These competitors will present their pitches one last time and this time in front of the entire Titan Fast Pitch audience and our Lightning Round judges. After a competitor has presented they will get questions asked to them by our Lightning Round judges. So be prepared!

3:30pm – Judges Deliberate & Attendees Celebrate!

While the judges make the hard choices about who the ultimate winners are, competitors and all attendees celebrate another successful Titan Fast Pitch with more OPPORTUNITY DRAWINGS, ENTERTAINMENT, and NETWORKING!

3:50pm – Winners Announced

The judges have made their decisions. Who will win? This is the time to find out!

4:00pm – Titan Fast Pitch Closes

The Titan Fast Pitch officially comes to an end with a few words from our hosts but you can stick around for a while to mingle with all of your new friends!